Company Profile

Li-Cheng Enterprise Co., Ltd is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers for spacer fabrics who is operating with vertical production line (from knitting to dyeing & finishing) and advanced equipments.With high technology, advanced facilities and processes, the annual production capacity of our company for spacer mesh is over 1500 tons.


Space fabric is an unique material in textile industry during last few years. The applications of spacer fabric are still studying and to be used widely in different fields. The thickness of our spacer fabric ranges from 1mm to 25mm which can be used not only for sport shoes but also for bags, hats, lingerie, apparels, mattress, sports/medical equipment, and car textile etc.

The characteristics of air permeability, comfort, lightweight and shock absorption from spacer fabric which we are producing perfectly fit for applications to sports shoes, casual shoes etc. To wear the shoes which made from spacer fabric will make you feel comfortable and cool.

Our products are widely used by well-known brands such as Nike, Adidas, 
Reebok, Asics, Fila, Puma etc. As our products are welcome in the market; therefore, we are expecting that spacer fabric will still play an important role in future for the material of sports shoes.

Our company is the approved suppliers for above-mentioned well-know brands. Twice a year, we are invited by those well-know brands to attend the vendor fairs. During the vendor fair, we will have the chance to present our newest products and the latest technology to each brand and to exchange the fashion, innovation information with designers from each brand. Out of the information which we collected from each brand, we could develop and work out the best and most suitable materials for each brand which keeps our company as a leader always in market.