A. Strong Management Team & Development Ability:
Our management team has strong industrial background and knowledge in textile field. Thanks to rich database and technique, we are able to assist our customers with any inquires to develop the new products. In addition, be leading by experienced management team, we are continuously devoting ourself to enhance in product development, technique modernization, processes improvement to provide the best quality control and on-time delivery which are always satisfying and impressing our customers.

B. Long-Term and Stable Relationship with Customers:
We are very experienced in textile design(specially, in spacer fabric design). We can assist our customers to meet market demand with the newest and the most competitive products. We have gained positive feedback from our customers for service quality and technical ability.

C. Diverse but Small Quantity Products:
Not only now but also in future, the diverse but small quantity products will be the demand. It is well known that our company is equipped with knitting, dyeing and finishing facility. Compare to other manufacturers, we can provide diverse products in a very time. On top of that, we are also able to develop a wild range of products, from female underwear to household mattress. No matter how large the demands are, we are sure to well meet with the diverse needs of customers.

D. Strong R&D; Team:
With one of the top computer design systems and practical experiences in design, analysis, knitting and dyeing, our R&D; members are strong in the skills and technologies in developing spacer fabrics. Also, our company provides oversea training yearly for all the members in each department to obtain professional knowledge and develop innovative products.