Environmental Policy

Li-Cheng Enterprise Co., Ltd is specialized in producing of spacer fabrics. Environment protection is the important responsibilities and commitments for Li Cheng Enterprise Co., Ltd. as a world citizen. In order to protect earth environments and do the best to social responsibilities, Li-Cheng Enterprise Co., Ltd commits to employees, customers and the public that all managements are operating by reliable and conformed environmental protection by applying ISO 14001 and implementing throughout to increase environment management performance and continuous improvement.

We commit


Abide by environment regulations
Prevent and Improve pollution
Save energy and recycle waste
Improve environments continuously


Expressed by above slogans, we make our employees, customers and the public to understand Li-Cheng Enterprise Co., Ltd.’s resolutions to implement Environment Management System and recycling waste. Furthermore, Li-Cheng Enterprise Co., Ltd lists the important items as follow for future direction

1. Establish and ensure to maintain document system to make this system be effectively operated and implemented
2. Perform PDCA cycling system to ensure our products, activities and services to achieve the environment target and the spirit of continuous improvements conformed
3. Abide by the related environment regulations and other requirements of environment management
4. Comminute above information to each employee and make public